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360insights Leads the Market with New Industry-Specific Clouds for Global Channel Incentive Automation

We’ve always believed that delivering superior customer experiences is the key to sustained success. Ease of doing business is no longer “a nice to have” – it’s imperative. Removing friction throughout the buyer’s journey and beyond doesn’t just offer a great value proposition, but also creates a seamless end-to-end experience the market craves. Our ability to continuously improve and perfect these experiences through flawless management of channel incentives for our clients, enables them to deliver deeply personalized experiences to their customers – achieving exceptional outcomes.

Today, driven by the pace of digital transformation and the opportunities of the intelligent cloud, 360insights is leading the Channel Incentives Management (CIM) market by introducing dedicated industry clouds designed to automate incentives management and engagement across key sectors, including Telecom, Media & Technology (TMT), Pharma, Auto and Manufacturing.

To say we’re excited about the announcement and our move to create industry-specific, incentive automation (IA) clouds, is an understatement. Today’s channel go-to-market strategy is all about addressing unique ecosystem needs. 360’s new dedicated industry clouds, which exists on top of our Channel Success Platform, brings each customer’s industry ecosystem of suppliers, partners and customers together to more accurately forecast, plan and drive predictable business performance. No other CIM provider is delivering this kind of cloud-based partner experience that empowers companies to engage with their partner ecosystems in entirely new ways:

  • Run more streamlined, data-driven global incentive programs that are fully automated to improve customer satisfaction
  • New tools for embedding smart, personalized and connected experiences anywhere.
  • Expose multiple programs, promotions and content to different participants based on eligibility, tiers, roles, regions, countries
  • Gain real-time tracking against valuable KPIs like partner engagement, demand creation, sales cycle length and pipeline
  • Deliver a partner experience that is actionable, interactive, and gamified
  • Differentiate communication, participating products or services, promotions, benefits, and rule structures

We’re thrilled for our customers, we’re proud of our 360 team and we look forward to continuing to lead the CIM space with innovation and intelligence so our customers can accelerate their own growth.  

By Jason Atkins, founder & CEO, 360insights



About the Author

Jason Atkins Founder & CEO Jason has led 360insights for over a decade through strong organic and acquisition-based growth, while maintaining a values-based focus on building the best company in the world for its employees. As a result, 360insights is one of Canada’s Great Places to Work, having spent a 5-year stretch in the top 4 in their category. Jason’s business philosophy also includes a strong commitment to community. To that end, he is also a founder and principal investor in the City Flow Project, a localized Durham Region venture capital and tech investment fund, as well as being a founder and chairman of 1855, Whitby’s only tech incubator. Jason founded his first technology company while still attending high school. Before founding 360 in 2008, he was president and CEO with TMR, a marketing services company. Jason lives in Whitby with his wife and two kids. With his wife Brenda, he chairs the organization Grandi (which means ‘to grow’ in Haitian Creole), which focuses on “giving work” by supporting education and job creation in Haiti.