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Ecosystem Orchestration – The Solution to Managing Today's Complex Channel | James Hodgkinson EP.87

Admittedly, the first time I heard the term "Ecosystem Orchestration," I wasn't sure what to think. I questioned its meaning as it relates to the channel. However, I quickly realized that "Ecosystem Orchestration" is an incredibly accurate description of the synergistic management of today’s complex ecosystems. No one can argue that channel ecosystems are becoming broader, more complex and extremely sophisticated. As the channel evolves in this way, participants in the channel are continuously questioning how do you get the most out of them. How do you take multiple partners, resellers, service providers and influencers and seamlessly manage them - all with the customer at the center? How can you orchestrate success? Please join us as we discuss this topic with James Hodgkinson, CEO of Webinfinity, a global leader in Ecosystem Orchestration. Listen in as James talks about why Ecosystem Orchestration is the key to successfully managing not just partners, alliances and applications outside of the organization, but all the parts of an organization's internal ecosystems as well.

About the Author

Steven Kellam Senior Vice President, Marketing and Alliances Steven is a respected leader in channel incentives and marketing with a comprehensive end-to-end understanding of what it takes for brands to succeed selling through complex sales channels. He has over twenty years of executive management experience combining leadership, vision and execution applied to sales, marketing, business development and operations. At 360insights, Steven drives growth through alliance building, thought leadership marketing and collaboration with the sales team. Steven is a strong strategic leader with a passion for growth and operations excellence. Prior to joining 360insights Steven served as President of CCI (now E2Open’s incentive business). At CCI, Steven led efforts to form alliances across the channel software market, grew its MDF and co-op advertising business, and expanded its solutions offering across its product suite to include rebates, sales incentives and APIs to support strategic partnerships. Steven studied Economics and Marketing at Virginia Commonwealth University and Hampden-Sydney College, respectively. Steven lives in San Francisco and is a competitive athlete, participating in triathlons and open water swims including the Escape from Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge and the Kona Ironman in Hawaii.

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