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Effective Partner Ecosystems Management – No Longer a Nice-To-Have | Theresa Caragol EP. 77

Ecosystems in the channel have traditionally been ad hoc, partner driven and not particularly efficient. However, as complexity in sales increases, efficient vendor-managed ecosystems are a necessary part of delivering successful customer experiences and outcomes. But, managing those ecosystems can be a significant challenge – especially if you’re still using spreadsheets. Well designed programs bring together all the right partners and influencers, enlist incentives to reward and engage those within the ecosystem, and then utilize automation to track, manage and create a frictionless experience. Please join us and Theresa Caragol, founder and CEO at Achieve Unite, as we talk about how to effectively manage your ecosystem. Whether this is a new endeavor for your team or you’re an experienced pro, Theresa offers some great ideas and insights.