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It's Time to Get Back to Customer Obsession | Melinda Aguilar EP. 74

Customer obsession takes patience and creativity today. The need for that customer obsession in the home appliance market is more critical than ever. The Wall Street Journal states that retail spending rose by 10% in March, with everything from mid-range refrigerators to high-end coffee systems flying off the showroom floors. It's clear that home appliances are in high demand and today's consumers are willing to spend money on them. However, the challenge is, how do you delight the customer and enhance your brand when consumer expectations, sales enablement, consumer incentives and supply chain are not all aligned? How do we get the most out of our incentives? How do you make customers feel good about waiting 12 weeks for a refrigerator? While we don't know what the supply and demand relationship will look like in six months to a year, customer obsession in this space needs to happen now. Please join us as Melina Aguilar, consistently one of the top high-end appliance sellers in all of Southern California, talks about what she sees as the challenges and the opportunity in retail today, and what vendors can do to capitalize on all the action.




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