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360insights Releases Q3 Channel Pulse Report

Results Reveal How Channel Leaders are Using Marketing Automation and Data Science to Accelerate Digital Transformation Efforts.

360insights, the global channel incentives leader, today released findings from its Q3 Channel Pulse™ Report, which shares deep insight into channel management trends across a curated community of over 1,000 channel professionals.  360insights’ latest report reveals surprising findings on a number of key issues facing channel leaders, including the use of marketing automation platforms, the existence of channel conflict and how it’s being effectively managed, as well as what role data science plays in uncovering ROI and business intelligence in the channel.

Technology continues to drive innovation – transforming the status quo for channel organizations.  An ongoing need for Digital Transformation, particularly in go-to-market functions, is omnipresent.  But, while channel professionals know it’s happening, many are still unsure about how to manage it within their own unique sales ecosystem. This quarter’s Channel Pulse™ (building on our previous reports) provides greater transparency into what really keeps channel leaders up at night,” said Paul Yantus 360insights’ VP of Marketing at 360insights.

From digital adoption challenges and marketing automation use, to channel conflict and the importance of data science, our report will provide deeper insight about key issues that can help channel leaders make more informed decisions.”

360insights conducted the Q3 2019 Channel Pulse survey to gain a holistic, cross-sector look at key channel trends and investments – targeting North American senior executives from a range of industries who directly oversee channel management.  In the latest Channel Pulse™ report, 360insights surveyed senior channel leaders to uncover how they’re adapting to a changing marketplace.

Highlights from the report include the following:

  • Channel Financial Investment and Channel Knowledge and Enablement are the biggest roadblocks to achieving full digital transformation in the channel.
  • A majority of respondents (65 percent) said they still do not use a through-channel marketing automation platform (TCMA, TPMA, CMM) to support their channel. Of those that do, 77 percent were dissatisfied with both the level of channel adoption and the ROI they achieve from their marketing automation platform.
  • Over 78 percent of respondents consider channel conflict a significant challenge for their organization.
  • Of the respondents with a Data Scientist supporting channel operations, only 43 percent have a Data Scientist who is exclusively dedicated to the channel itself.

The report is made available free of charge to any interested party. Those interested in obtaining a copy and/or participating in the Channel Pulse community and any future reports or events can do so at

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360insights is a global channel incentives leader offering rebate processing, SPIFF programs, co-op advertising and channel analytics. The company’s Channel Success Platform™ is the first truly integrated software-as-a-service solution enabling brands to optimize their channel incentives spending.  Based in Whitby, Ontario, the company serves over 150 of the world’s top brands and has expanded to have operations around the USA and UK. For more information, visit


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