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Forrester Names 360insights a Channel Technology Leader

Channel Technology: Forrester Rounds Up More than the Usual Suspects

WHITBY, ON. (January 3, 2019) – 360insights, a global channel technology leader offering consumer and channel rebates, SPIFF programs, MDF & co-op ad processing and channel insights was recently positioned as a leader in both the channel incentives and channel data management categories, in a recent Forrester review of the 2019 Channel Technology Stack.

The 2019 Channel Technology Stack, developed by @JayMcBain, Principal Analyst, Global Channels @Forrester, visually depicts the various channel technology segments, partitions the leaders from the rest of the pack, sizes the market and the total number of channel software companies competing in each segment.  A second infographic in Jay McBain’s review, illustrates six operational attributes of channel software including, Strategy &Design, Find & Recruit, Enable & Develop, Incent & Motivate,Co-sell & Co-market, Manage & Report. 

These fundamental attributes provide key standards for companies looking to partner with channel technology providers and helps them better understand opportunities for improvement.

The channel technology landscape is evolving at such a rapid rate channel professionals are struggling to keep up. Channel incentive platforms are leading this technology wave.  As product roadmaps change and become more aggressive,it’s essential that large brands leverage world-class channel incentive solutions to better manage and improve their indirect sales processes and partner programs.

According to Forrester’s review in the 2019 Channel Software Tech Stack, 360insights competes with 25 other channel software companies in the Channel Incentives and Program Management (CIPM) category, and 13 other companies in the Channel Data Management (CDM)category.  360insights has alliances in the four other categories of channel software including:Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Through-Channel Marketing Automation(TCMA), Partner Enablement and Onboarding, Channel Finance, Pricing and Inventory. 

The channel technology stack is made up of over 100 different companies, across six operational categories,ranging in size from Fortune 500 giants, to small start-ups delivering point solutions.  According to @JayMcBain, Principal Analyst, Global Channels - Forrester, “The channel software stack is becoming a true horizontal technology,and winners are starting to emerge.”

With so many attributes to consider, it can be challenging for channel leaders of large brands to fully wrap their heads around which channel incentive software provider to partner with. In most cases, the focus of channel technologies is to make difficult processes easier, automate workflows, and drive more efficient spending, coverage, and reseller  communication.  However today, as quoted by @JayMcBain @Forrester,“no one piece of channel software can manage all moving parts effectively.”

Channel technology providers who can offer the greatest return on investment, and whose software demonstrates the most robust functionality for building effective channel programs, will most likely come out on top.  “The Channel Success PlatformTM is emerging as one of the winners in the CIPM and CDM categories, as highlighted in the infographic, stated Jason Atkins, CEO at 360insights. [

There are many advantages to going with a single, SaaS platform for automating and streamlining channel incentive programs, however some of the key benefits include capturing data to gain deep incentive channel insights, visibility across all incentive programs and the digitization of auditing claims to uncover suspicious transactions.  

As per @Jay McBain @ Forrester,“the channel is growing significantly,and brands need advanced (and integrated) purpose-built tools based on the latest technologies such as cloud, mobility, social, predictive analytics, and big data.”

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About 360insights is a global channel incentives leader offering rebate processing, SPIFF programs, co-op advertising and channel analytics. The company’s Channel Success Platform™ is the first truly integrated software-as-a-service solution enabling brands to optimize their channel incentives spending. Based in Whitby, Ontario, the company serves over 100 of the world’s top brands and has expanded to have operations around the USA and UK.

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About 360insights: 360insights is a global channel technology provider offering its Channel Success Platform™, with the first integrated cloud solution enabling brands to manage, measure and optimize consumer rebates, SPIFFs, volume incentives, MDF/CO-OP, sales allowances, points programs, and associated spending using data-driven channel insights, all underpinned with concierge support including program design and management, regulatory and compliance services, help desk, claims adjudication and payment services. Learn more at

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