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Automotive: Apollo Vredestein Accelerates Customer Experiences

Apollo Vredestein increases end-user engagement and expands into new buyer markets by centralizing and automating Incentives

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"Is centralizing and automating my dealer2consumer incentive promotions into a single strategy and platform worth it?" The answer is yes. Learn how one automotive customer transformed their complex manual and incentive programs (across dealer and buyer) into a successful customer experience promotions strategy - with real business results!

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360insights is the leading channel engagement and business optimization company, that enables brands to better influence, manage, and engage with their complex channel ecosystems. The company offers a suite of channel solutions including a SaaS-based platform that empowers brands to fully orchestrate their complex partner networks, while also delivering a powerful Incentive Automation solution for consumer rebates, SPIFFs, volume incentives, MDF/Co-Op, sales allowances and points programs. Combining incentive management and ecosystem orchestration with a powerful data analytics engine, 360insights serves 300+ enterprise organizations globally, across multiple industries, helping them boost their indirect business. Learn more at

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