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SUPPLY CHAINS HAVE CHANGED FOREVER: How brands can engage and motivate resellers for joint success

Supply chains have changed. Nimble brands are changing how they work with suppliers and resellers to optimize manufacturing, inventory, distribution, partner engagement, and motivation.

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Among the long list of ramifications caused by the pandemic were the extreme effects on the Global Supply Chain (GSC), and interruption of the entire production process through to distribution and sell-through volumes.

The fact is, supply chains have changed, and they’re never going to be the same. Nimble brands are maneuvering and altering how they work with suppliers and resellers to optimize manufacturing, inventory, distribution, and resale processes and maintain time to market, partner engagement, and motivation through the sales cycle. By balancing sustainability, agility, and remodeling, organizations are recovering and rebuilding.

Enhancing collaborative activities such as knowledge and information sharing can aid resilience and engagement by improving visibility, flexibility, and customer-related performance. Industries that rely on reseller ecosystems to push available supply to customers can also embrace these new techniques. 

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