10 Essentials for a Successful MDF & CO-OP Marketing Program

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| What to Expect from This Guide If you are looking to simplify the way you work with channel partners and get more return from Market Development Funds (MDF), you need to build programs that support not only the go-to-market behaviors of resellers but also the buying process of customers. MDF/CO-OP marketing programs enable sales and marketing professionals greater flexibility to work with channel partners, while maintaining tight business controls and corporate compliance. Considered important parts of the marketer's channel incentive strategy, MDF/CO-OP marketing programs help to deliver true value and can deeply impact annual sales, if planned, implemented and executed effectively. Channel partners aren't all equal, so they shouldn't be treated the same. Some brands, simply accrue and allocate funds, managing only the claim reimbursement process. Others get more intimately involved, developing multi-touch marketing plans. The key to achieving increased engagement levels and stronger reseller relationships is to design MDF/CO-OP marketing programs that are flexible, easy to manage and provide quick reimbursement. In addition, many channel marketers don't recognize their MDF/CO-OP program as the strategic enablement tool that it is. This is a missed opportunity since these programs can have a measureable effect on sales. So how do you achieve this? Is there a science behind creating effective incentive programs that ultimately increase channel satisfaction and drive revenue growth? To establish successful market development efforts with your channel partners, a solid foundation based on key principles that are addressed annually, is required. This guide will outline the 10 essential elements for building a successful MDF/CO-OP program that will not only take you one step ahead of the competition, but also provide that all-important edge for your brand in the marketplace as well as be a measurable metric for sales and hence ROI. 2

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