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C A S E S T U D Y P O I N T S B A S E D R E W A R D I N C E N T I V E S M O D U L E THE RESULT Pirelli were seeking an initiative that would inspire the Micheldever dealer network, to promote their key premium range of tires, whilst strengthening the relationship and rewarding loyalty of key wholesale customers. The Pirelli Prime program surpassed all expectations and effectively outperformed on all the KPIs set out from the start, producing an impressive 2688% increase in revenue from the initial investment spent. The main objective was to increase sales of tires 18" and above – results showed an average of 66% of tires sold were in this range and the number of sales logged increased by 300%. 94% of dealers agreed that taking part in Pirelli Prime has resulted in buying and selling more Pirelli tires and 75% of users are likely to recommend Pirelli Prime as a business tool to other tire dealers. 81% of dealers interact with the program regularly, with 94% of users rated the rewards available to them as very good. CONCLUSION The Points-Based Reward Incentives module has enabled Pirelli stakeholders to launch, monitor and track an incentive introduced to their Dealer network, with full visibility on the success, spend and ROI. The reporting tool supported stakeholders to show engagement levels and sales claims, empowering them to make decisions on future promotions and program progression. Pirelli Prime has not only generated an increase in sales of desirable high-margin products, but it has also built and established a strong, loyal network of dealers, dedicated to the Pirelli brand. Pirelli Prime is a multi-award-winning program, receiving accolades for "Best Dealer/Distributor Incentive Award" (IMA Awards), "Best Channel Partner Program" (Incentive Awards), and "Best Customer Loyalty Program" (IPM Awards). By rewarding customers for their Pirelli purchases, giving them access to a bespoke catalog of rewards, including Pirelli merchandise and online training, the relationship has gone from strength to strength. 360insights has facilitated this program, offering business solutions, communications plans and engagement opportunities which has enabled the relationship between Pirelli, Micheldever and the Prime dealer network to grow and become well-established. Jenny Scanlon, Senior Trade & Consumer Marketing Analyst Pirelli Prime has enabled us to deliver over and above on the key customer KPIs we identified. The flexibility and versatility of the site, with visibility of program results, are the unique selling points which enable us to be the reference point for such schemes in the automotive industry. Jenny Scanlon, Senior Trade & Consumer Marketing Analyst P I R E L L I C O M P A N Y B A C K G R O U N D Pirelli was founded in Milan in 1872 and today stands as a global brand known for its cutting-edge technology, high-end production excellence and passion for innovation. It is among the world's major producers of tires and associated services and the only one focused solely on the Consumer tire market, which includes tires for cars, motorcycles and bicycles. POINTSBASED REWARD INCENTIVES MODULE 2688% The Channel Success Platform ™ ARE YOU ON THE RIGHT PLATFORM TO SUPPORT YOUR CHANNEL? | | +1-855-232-7872 % ROI %

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