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C A S E S T U DY 3 6 0 Q U I C KC A S E The Channel Success Platform ™ ARE YOU ON THE RIGHT PLATFORM TO SUPPORT YOUR CHANNEL? | | +1-855-232-7872 RESULT SCOPE CHALLENGE Existing program methodology was inefficient Needed to ensure healthcare professionals trust Slow reward processes and fulfilment SOLUTION Points-Based Reward Incentives Module The Channel Success Platform ™ Enable better healthcare provision through insight Engage with healthcare stakeholders Improve current facilitation methods for the above True healthcare stakeholder community realized Best and trusted user experience enabled Improved operational efficiencies THE SCOPE It is the role of Business Intelligence to help Pharma continue to grow in these turbulent times. The healthcare division of this large global market research organization had a vision to enable better decisions and inspire better healthcare provision. To achieve this, they wanted to engage with healthcare professionals and patients – through research participation surveys - offering rewards for their healthcare insights and expertise - to shape the future of healthcare. The organization had addressed this vision with the provision of an incentive program to a stakeholder community, but it was facilitated across numerous providers, was slow in processes and in some cases the incentive and reward fulfilment was not secure: and therefore, not totally trusted by the desired participants. Improvements where needed to encourage participation and made the user experience better to increase interaction. THE CHALLENGE The healthcare division needed help by working with a specialist incentive and reward partner to enhance the incentive program and the participant journey within it. The full user experience needed to be improved to drive required participation (with this sensitive industry) in terms of ease of use and trust of use! As such, the organization came to 360insights (at time of commission Perks Worldwide) to work collaboratively to recommend and implement an improved central incentivized strategy that would both engage and reward healthcare professionals for their insights; but also enable them to feel they were doing so within in a trusted environment. THE SOLUTION The expert team at 360insights implemented a centralized healthcare stakeholder community portal for users to securely log in, through due diligent password and customizable fraud protection, to participate in invited surveys. Points-based promotions were introduced to encourage participation all in one place with accumulated points redeemed for a choice of electronic rewards - presented in a central catalog offering click-select Gift, Visa, Mastercard reward cards and cash options. All supported with central participation acknowledgement, order tracking visibility and customer care. A turnkey solution offering the community greater usability in a secure environment with faster delivery on earned and redeemed rewards. P O I N T S - B A S E D R E W A R D I N C E N T I V E S M O D U L E IMPROVING HEALTHCARE STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT WITH A CENTRALIZED INCENTIVE REWARD PLATFORM

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