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C A S E S T U DY 3 6 0 Q U I C KC A S E The Channel Success Platform ™ ARE YOU ON THE RIGHT PLATFORM TO SUPPORT YOUR CHANNEL? | | +1-855-232-7872 The 360insights team is incredibly helpful and responsive. Their high level of enthusiasm and support was truly outstanding. Sr. Program Manager RESULT SCOPE CHALLENGE Dealer uptake on new product offering Minimal product launch budget Stand out incentive from competitors SOLUTION MDF & CO-OP, SPIFFs and Consumer Rebate Modules The Channel Success Platform ™ Launch new vehicle model within market Integrate new and existing incentive programs Consolidate three incentives on one platform Direct ROI attributed to all incentive programs Exceeded all forecast expectations Easy to use, fully trackable, key visibility THE SCOPE A large manufacturer of specialty vehicles developed a new hybrid that could be driven both on and off road. To launch this new model into car dealerships, which would create a new market segment, they were looking for a vendor that could consolidate and run all three of their Co-Op, rebates and SPIFF incentives, through one simple platform, in order for them to understand how the incentives influenced channel behavior. In addition, the platform would need to integrate new and existing programs with the dealers POS systems, to manage all channel and consumer claim submissions, claim processing and payment across multiple countries. With this suite of requirements, it was important that the platform was incredibly easy to use, and that the solution presented was consistent with their brand and market image. THE CHALLENGE The client had a minimal advertising budget to support the product launch, so would be reliant of the efforts at the dealer level to develop buzz around the new vehicle. However, as the new vehicle did not fit traditional market segments, the manufacturer feared the channel may not embrace the new design. To combat this, the client wanted a sales incentive that would command their channels attention and create hype and enthusiasm for the new model. The manufacturer sold through dealerships that carried multiple vendors, so the new sales incentive needed to not just standout against their existing MDF and consumer and channel rebate programs, but also those of competitors. The incentive needed to be f resh, new and exciting. THE SOLUTION To fully understand what would work within this channel, the 360insights team took the time to interview dealers and learn more. From these discoveries, a program was proposed for the new product launch. By incorporating 360insights' Channel Success Platform,™ enabled the consolidation and ability to run three incentive programs within the same platform. The client was particularly interested in understanding how each incentive motivated various levels of the selling process and used the platform to strategically manage the incentive mix going forward for this product line. Dealers used MDF funds to conduct numerous events across the country including test rides and launch parties. The SPIFF program was enthusiastically embraced by the Dealer Sales Representatives who worked hard to get people out for the events and promote the new vehicle, whilst combining the consumer rebate program. M D F & C O - O P , S P I F F S A N D C O N S U M E R R E B A T E M O D U L E S LARGE MANUFACTURER ENABLES OPTIMAL CHANNEL ENGAGEMENT WITH INCENTIVE CONSOLIDATION

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