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360insights Releases 360|TECHCLOUD

360insights Releases 360|TECHCLOUD – A Dedicated Incentives Automation Cloud for Telecom, Media & Technology (TMT)

The First of Four Industry-Specific Clouds on 360insights’ Channel Success Platform™, the 360|TECHCLOUD Enhances Partner Experiences Through Ecosystem Orchestration

TORONTO (Sept. 14, 2021) – 360insights, the leading Channel Incentives Management (CIM) provider, officially released the 360|TECHCLOUD, which allows brands in the TMT industry to more effectively influence and orchestrate their complex partner ecosystems – all with a personalized and intuitive user experience.

Layered into the 360insights Channel Success Platform™, the 360|TECHCLOUD redefines channel incentives management. By taking incentive programs (i.e., Rewards, SPIFs, MDF/Co-Op, Rebates, etc.) that were traditionally siloed, and or executed manually, the 360|TECHCLOUD transforms them into intelligent interconnected engagement tools that empower brands to deploy the right mix, level, and cadence of incentives to improve revenue and profit from the channel.

“Partner ecosystems are imperative to helping companies scale and become customer obsessed. Yet, many partners are hampered by archaic systems that are fragmented, difficult to navigate and impossible to engage with across devices — limiting the potential for building loyalty,” said Claudio Ayub, SVP TMT Practice at 360insights. “The 360|TECHCLOUD is a flexible incentives automation platform comprising multiple incentive apps seamlessly bound to address customers’ needs in a way that individual components cannot deliver on their own.”

The 360|TECHCLOUD offers complete TMT Ecosystem Orchestration by delivering a “single pane of glass” experience that centralizes channel incentives management across the industry’s entire universe of suppliers, partners and customers. The 360|TECHCLOUD easily integrates at scale, giving teams the tools to maximize productivity and drive engagement throughout the partner journey. Plus, its multi-modal design and functionality allows companies to easily deliver an intuitive, personalized, and branded user experience across any device.

The 360|TECHCLOUD is comprised of purpose-built incentive automation apps with industry-specific data models and pre-built business processes that maximize engagement:

  • Deliver a modern, easy, and intuitive partner experience that is collaborative, personalized, interactive, and gamified.
  • Deploy hyper-targeted incentives at the partner company level (Rebates, MDF), and partner individuals’ level (Rewards, Spiff) across a variety of partner types—with different go-to-market models—on a global basis.
  • Accelerate partner’s time to revenue with industry-specific out-of-the-box programs, promotions, and workflows to create, clone, customize, and launch channel incentives across the TMT ecosystem.
  • Include AI-based features that use learning algorithms to help decide which promotions will be most effective by each partner type, GTM, tier, and more – based on the partner profile and behavioral history of each partner.
  • More accurately plan, forecast, and drive predictable business performance by tracking, measuring, and reporting on valuable KPIs in real-time like partner engagement, demand creation, sales cycle length and pipeline.

“We believe that the 360|TECHCLOUD is a catalyst for unleashing productivity, innovation and transformation across the TMT industries,” continued Ayub. “This new industry-specific solution makes it easier than ever before for partners to engage with brands and accelerate productivity with a smarter incentive automation solution.”

The 360|TECHCLOUD is currently in production with thousands of partners worldwide, in multiple currencies and languages – making clients dramatically more competitive and more efficient driving business performance.

In addition to the 360|TECHCLOUD, 360insights recently announced the upcoming rollout of three additional clouds as part of the Channel Success Platform™, including the 360|HEALTHCARECLOUD, 360|AUTOCLOUD and 360|MANUFACTURINGCLOUD. Each Cloud is available to current customers within their familiar 360insights environment – also allowing clients to maintain and expand upon the core functionality they’ve come to love from 360insights for more than a decade.

For more information about 360insights, the new 360|TECHCLOUD and other industry-specific clouds, visit or


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