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Optimizing Partner Engagement Series Part 2: Forrester Partner Engagement Framework

When channel brands fail to effectively engage partners, these relationships fall short of their potential. By contrast, channel leaders who tailor engagement strategies to the relevant partner business model and take a deliberate approach to engagement, succeed in maintaining partner mindshare and earning partner loyalty. Partners are constantly courted by multiple brands battling for a larger share of their attention and resources. Yet those brands often treat partner engagement as a one-time event, be it a response to a program offer or the achievement of an initial revenue milestone. In fact, brands often develop channel engagement programs without planning how to measure their impact and or o identify deficient elements where additional investments may be needed to increase engagement. Top brands, however, view engagement with a long-term lens, focusing on how consistently each partner is engaged over time. Partner engagement for these top brands is a predictive indicator of partner productivity that can be modeled and measured. With multiple brands vying for partner attention, those with no plan to drive continuous engagement risk losing crucial partner mindshare, which is essential to long-term success. Brands must approach engagement as an ongoing initiative that must be sustained to realize lasting success. During this webcast, we will review the Forrester/SiriusDecisions Partner Engagement Framework, together with real life 360insights on developing and executing an effective partner engagement strategy. Gain insights into: The Forrester engagement framework The five program components brands can use to drive and maintain partner engagement Three use case models you can leverage across partner ecosystems