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Shaking the Tree: Celebrating Women of the Channel

In a special International Women’s Day live webinar event, 360insights’ VP of Global Alliances, Steven Kellam, sits down with two influential women of the channel, Meaghan Sullivan, Head of Global Partner Marketing at SAP and Diane Krakora, Co-owner and Channel & Alliance Partner Development Principal at PartnerPath. Both trailblazers, they discuss everything from individual career paths to their accomplishments as female leaders in the technology industry. They also celebrate their peers and other female leaders who work in channel sales and marketing. Finally, Meaghan and Diane offer sound words of advice to early talent and those looking to shake their own tree of success.

Trailblazing Women of the Channel

Meaghan Sullivan is trailblazing for women within the corporate environment. Part of her mission is to help lead the next generation by giving them opportunities to reach management levels. She has been able to facilitate this by working within an organization that champions women in leadership positions. From early on, she had her sights set on the “corporate world”. Meaghan loves working for big companies and throughout her career, has been employed at nine different large brands. In the webinar, she explains, “The corporate world fits her personality well.” On the other hand, Diane Krakora took the “entrepreneurial” path. Despite having corporate roots, she realized that it wasn’t for her. She started Amazon Consulting 20 years ago and eventually changed its name to PartnerPath Consulting. Diane had a strong need to be that bold, aggressive female who was going to strike out on her own and change the world. So, she quit her corporate job, took some savings and has never looked back.

Navigating Your Own Career Path

Meaghan loves putting people and companies together. She enjoys working in the channel and considers herself a true “Superconnector”. One piece of advice that she offers to early talent and women in different generations just starting out, is to study abroad. Meaghan highly recommends submersing yourself and seeing what’s out there. In her words, “Gaining exposure to other cultures provides huge value in terms of seeing a different perspective.” However, working for a large company doesn't only offer international tentacles that enables its employees to see the world. Global organizations can also facilitate lateral and upward movement and further develop career paths. Diane’s career advice to future entrepreneurs is to “know what you’re really good at”. Pick that niche and specialize. Know what you can afford and how long you have to start your business. The most successful entrepreneurs are usually driven by their own fear i.e. the fear of failing and not having enough money to pay the bills. For additional words of advice from these two powerful women of the channel, read our 360insights blog post, Celebrating International Women’s Day.

And for the full webinar replay, check-out the live International Women’s Day panel discussion here.



About the Author

Steven Kellam Senior Vice President, Marketing and Alliances Steven is a respected leader in channel incentives and marketing with a comprehensive end-to-end understanding of what it takes for brands to succeed selling through complex sales channels. He has over twenty years of executive management experience combining leadership, vision and execution applied to sales, marketing, business development and operations. At 360insights, Steven drives growth through alliance building, thought leadership marketing and collaboration with the sales team. Steven is a strong strategic leader with a passion for growth and operations excellence. Prior to joining 360insights Steven served as President of CCI (now E2Open’s incentive business). At CCI, Steven led efforts to form alliances across the channel software market, grew its MDF and co-op advertising business, and expanded its solutions offering across its product suite to include rebates, sales incentives and APIs to support strategic partnerships. Steven studied Economics and Marketing at Virginia Commonwealth University and Hampden-Sydney College, respectively. Steven lives in San Francisco and is a competitive athlete, participating in triathlons and open water swims including the Escape from Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge and the Kona Ironman in Hawaii.

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