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Videocast: “The Shift” - Helping your Channels and their Customers Overcome Inventory and Labor Shortages

According to the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), 75% of companies have reported recent supply chain disruptions while an even greater 80% expect continued turmoil. The fact is, inventory issues and labor shortages have wreaked havoc on sales processes, and the tried and true tactics we once relied on simply don’t work like they used to. So, how do you motivate, incent, and retain sales teams when they don’t have anything to sell? Join Heather K. Margolis, SVP of Marketing at 360insights and Richard Flynn, CO-Founder and CMO of The Spur Group to discover how brands can maneuver and empower partners in new ways that promote loyalty, maintain time to market, and facilitate resale processes during these challenging times. During this live session, you will learn how to:

• Better engage your extended sales team and help them take advantage of the strategies that attract, engage, and delight today’s customers.

• Ensure partners are educated with product knowledge and have an in-depth understanding of specific solutions and business outcomes through sales enablement and training.

• Rethink your approach to partner loyalty and incentives.