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The 360view - Cultivating and Managing Healthy Channel Ecosystems

Not your father’s webinar, our talk show, The 360 View, will keep you entertained and informed! Everyone is talking about ecosystems, and some of us longer than others, but how do you truly build an ecosystem that can thrive and grow? An organization’s success is dependent upon the ability to converge and support customers to deliver comprehensive solutions and exceptional integrated experiences.

In this hilarious take on our Talk Show, Heather K. Margolis, SVP of Marketing, James Hodgkinson, SVP 360ecosystems, and Claudio Ayub, SVP of Tech, Media and Telecom Business at 360insights are joined by Larry Walsh, CEO & Founder of ChannelNomics and Chris Lamborn, Principal at Channel XLR8 for a lively and informative debate about channel ecosystem management.

Key Takeaways:

  • In-depth understanding of the importance of creating channel ecosystems correctly.
  • Advice for navigating the complexity of ecosystems to most efficiently deliver solutions and outcomes.
  • Actionable tips for better enabling the use of ecosystems at your organization.

About the Author

360insights is the leading channel engagement and business optimization company, that enables brands to better influence, manage, and engage with their complex channel ecosystems. The company offers a suite of channel solutions including a SaaS-based platform that empowers brands to fully orchestrate their complex partner networks, while also delivering a powerful Incentive Automation solution for consumer rebates, SPIFFs, volume incentives, MDF/Co-Op, sales allowances and points programs. Combining incentive management and ecosystem orchestration with a powerful data analytics engine, 360insights serves 300+ enterprise organizations globally, across multiple industries, helping them boost their indirect business. Learn more at

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